Spiral Compact Fluorescent Lamp

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Brand : Firefly

Present factual video light and clear color, soft light, no stroboflash, without the danger of an electrical hazard, enhanced than ordinary fluorescent lamps. The bulb is 5500K balanced during the day (white), which allows them to be easily combined with ambient light for light fill lighting. Of up to four (4) years of the lamp life, then a similar production of incandescent bulbs energy saving at least 80%. Technical Specs (1) x Premium Photography Photo Studio Day-Light Studio Light Bulb 85W Energy Saving Compact Fluorescent Spiral Bulb – Saves energy up to 80% Regular Screw Base Color

Temperature: Five thousand five hundred fifty (5500K) Watts: 85W – Equals to 800W Regular Incandescent Light Bulb Output Style: Spiral Lamp Tone: Day Light Overall Diameter: 5.7″ Overall Length: 9.1″ Photo Light Bulb Photo CFL Bulb Photography Daylight Bulb Photography Studio Light Photography Continuous Light

  • Features
  • The most suitable artificial light source for photographers trichromatic lamp’ s three color phosphor was built with rare earth elements, soft light, uniform brightness, no flicker, known as the most suitable photographer artificial light source.
  • Color temperature 5500K color temperature 5500K, the closest light to the sun’s rays, help you to capture the most realistic picture.
  • Energy Saving Compact Fluorescent Spiral Bulb Saves energy up to 80%, 85W, service life more than 8000 hours, if you use 5 hours per day, you can use 4 years.
  • Safety PBT Flame Retardant Material. The lamp holder uses special PBT flame retardant material, heat resistant, strong insulation, and avoid the fire risk caused by high temperature and spark. At the same time design a cooling hole: refused to high temperature hid trouble.
  • Professional shockproof packaging, professional designers designed the inner foam packaging, to avoid the risk of damage in the transport process.

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  1. Ane

    nice, have ba kayo discount if marami bibilhin?

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