OSTAR LED EK-7766 (LED Rechargable Emergecny Light)





  1. Able to be circularly used for 500 times between charge and discharge because it consists of more than 2500 mAh high rated capacity hermetical rechargeable and long life lead acid battery  
  2. Using switch power charging, safer and more reliable.
  3. With 30 pcs of long life high brightness patched LED lamps.
  4. Product design is compatible with USB output port, applied to mobile phones, digital cameras, MP3, MP4 charging, etc.
  5. According to the solar power generation principle, can store the built-in rechargeable battery energy for LED lighting.
  6. WIth LED lamps, energy saving, long lighting time.
  7. With the special reflection cup, the light is softer than the general lantern lamp, non-flickering lighting, non-radiative.
  • This ideal is novel, fashionable and gorgeous, uniquely designed for lighting, emergency lighting, mobile power supply and solar power charging, etc.

User’s Instruction

  1. When charging, insert one end of power cord into a socket, and put another end into an AC110-220V/50Hz socket, the charging indicator light on. Full charge need about 12 hours. (suggest charging in daytime)
  2. Charging solar panels in the place with enough light or facing to the sun, otherwise, it will affect the charging effect.
  3. When using, rotate the switch to “ON” clockwise, the strength of the LED light can be adjusted according to the required brightness, turn OFF light please switch in the OFF position.
  4. It can be lighted continuously about 20 hours for week light and 6 hours for strong light after full charging.
  5. USB output power supply; DC % V – 500ma, sufficient power can supply the general mobile phone charging 2-3 times.


  1. Please charge it immediately if the light is dim, don’t let the product no power on. If not using frequently, please charge it for about 5 hours one time every three months to protect the life of the battery.
  2. The minute charging, please do not use USB output to charge a mobile phone at the same time, and don’t use data line charging to a USB port, so as not to burn out works.
  3. Please turn off the light when charging the battery to avoid any inner parts or the power is burned.
  4. As not to affect the vision, please do not directly clap eyes on the LED lights (Children must be instructed by adults).
  5. Keep the product dry.
  6. The minute charging up the battery, please put battery away from inflammable and explosive hazardous goods.The battery is advised not to be charged if it exceeds 15 hours of charging.



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