OSTAR LED EK-5533 (Led Rechargeable Emergency Light)




Product Features

  1. This product built-in long life rechargeable high 800mah and maintenance-free lead-acid batteries.
  2. Long life battery, 500 times more than used to charge and discharge cycles.
  3. Lantern using 12 SMD LED lamp bead, flashlight adopts, 0.5 W super bright LED lamp bead.
  4. The usage of LED strips light bead, low power intake, lighting time longer than conventional LED..
  5. The product USES the principle of solar power work, to the built-in rechargeable battery energy storage, for LED lighting.
  6. The product with human body engineering handle can hand or suspension.
  • This product is small size, fashionable and beautiful modeling, can when flashlight and lantern lighting and other unique design, the product widely applies to the wild camping, daily lighting, emergency lighting and other USES.

Directions for use

1. Charging when the switch is in OFF state, insert one end of this product configuration of the AC power cord into the AC charging of a desk lamp, the other end of the power supply cord into AC110-220V/ 50 Hz AC power socket. The corresponding charging indicator. Sufficient power for 10 hours. (recommend recharged during the day).

  1. When user will switch to ON1 file for the torchlight illumination function, dial to ON2 file for the lantern lighting function, to the “OFF” is closed.
  2. Acceptable electricity; a torchlight lighting can use 10 hours constantly, lantern lighting can use 6 hours continuously.
  3. The first weak light lighting can use 9 hours in a row, the second leg light lighting can use 4 hours continuously.
  4. Charging solar panels to solar panels, please switch to the ON position and place the place with enough light or facing the Sun, otherwise, it will affect the charging effect.
  5. The lantern can be used according to the required use, portable can be suspended.


  1. After use shall charge in time, not left the battery without electricity for a long time, the longest charging time not more than 12 hours, if not often use, please deposit every three months to this product added electric about 10 hours at a time, otherwise, it will reduce battery life.
  2. Charging products do not use, so as not to burn out LED bulbs or internal charging power supply components.
  3. The light is not direct eyes, lest affect vision (children should be used under the guidance of adults)
  4. Don’t make this product in the rain or be affected with damp.
  5. When charging, please far away from flammable items.


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