OSTAR LED-3305B (LED Head Torch)




The product features;

  1. Built-in rechargeable maintenance-free lead-acid battery capacity up to 900mAH.
  2. Long life battery, up to 500 times recycling.
  3. Using a long-life, high brightness white 2W LED Bulb.
  4. Second gear lighting, an adjustable intensity of light.
  5. The use of LED lights, low power consumption, lighting a long time, the first tranche of 10 hours, the second tranche of 4 hours.
  6. The product is suitable for tapping, mushroom, fish, pick vegetables, repair, and other purposes.



  1. The headlights with high quality and stability switch.
  2. When using switch down; the first tranche of low light illumination, the second strong light, the third tranche of the lights. (And so on)
  3. Charging the feet AC Plug introduced directly into the AC 110-220V /50HZ power outlet (corresponding charge indicator light), a full charge takes about 10 hours (recommended for daytime charging).
  4. The lighting can be adjusted according to the desired angle or elastic band.


Pay attention:

  1. In order to guarantee life, please before use normal charging time.
  2. When used as the light is dim, please charge.
  3. Do not direct light eyes, so as not to affect visual acuity (Children must be instructed by adults).
  4. Please away from flammable materials when charging, the longest charging time cannot exceed 15 hours.
  5. Do not use while charging, please turn off the light, it would burn the power supply and internal components.



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