NovTek Premium Grade Tile Adhesive



A ready to used thin bed mortar adhesive bending ceramic tiles, marble, granite and natural stones to wall or floors on indoors or outdoors concrete surface. It is a cement-bound system for walls or floor tiles.these product is suitable for all types of concrete surfaces.


  • Prevent tile cracks and bonding failure
  • High Standing and adhesive tensile strength
  • Resistant to slip with long open time
  • Easy workability and longer pot life
  • Lower labor cost and reduced installation time
  • For interior and exterior tile installations
  • Can hold tile sizes over 30cm x 30cm
  • Comfort to Europian Standard EN 12004 Type C1

Coverage area:

  • A 25kg bag can cover approximately 4-6m2

Application Process

  • Always dampen concrete surfaces before application, to prevent premature drying out of mixed material when applied
  • Use a stiff Tampico brush, Mansory brush or trowel to apply over pre-dampen surfaces. The thickness of coat should be about 1.0 to 2.0mm.
  • For plaster applications, such as floor, bathrooms, basements or roof decks – use a steel trowel
  • Allow hardening in about 6 hours then apply a second coat

Premium Tile Adhesive

  • FORM: Powder
  • COLOR: Gray/ White
  • WATER/POWDER RATIO: 6-7 Liters of water for 25 kg
  • POT LIFE: 3-4 hours
  • CURING TIME:7 days onward
  • OPEN TIME:15 minutes
  • CONSISTENCY: homogenous paste mortar
  • AREA:5-7 m2 /25 kg bag
  • CONTENT: Very low odor
  • SHELFLIFE:12 Months



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