NovTek Concrete Water Proofing



A one component cementitious waterproofing compound. With special polymer modifiers and chemical admixtures: formulated for application on concrete and mortar surfaces to prevent water penetration and seepage.

  • For sealing cracks in concrete
  • Repair and/or waterproofing work in showers and bathroom,  basements, firewalls, roof decks balcony and water tanks.


  • Flexible
  • Stops water
  • Superior adhesion to most substrates, including metal and G.I. sheets.
  • Secure itself life and quality since it is in pail

Coverage area:

  • 1.8m2 kg/coat

At NOVTEK CORPORATION, we provide not just good quality, but advanced and innovative construction materials in order to build a better and safer nation.

In building construction, waterproofing is a fundamental aspect of creating a building envelope, which is a controlled environment. The roof covering materials, siding, foundations, and all of the various penetrations through these surfaces need to be water-resistant and sometimes waterproof. With the use of Novtek Concrete Waterproofing.

* Novtek Tile Adhesive Premium Gray and White
* Novtek Tile Adhesive (high performance):
Heavy Duty Gray and white
Power Grip Gray and White
Quickset Gray and White
Super Flex Gray and White
* Novtek Tile Grout
* Novtek Skim Coat: Superfine gray and white
* Novtek Skim Coat (Standard Grade)
* Novtek Skim coat ( Coarse Grade)
*Novtek Gypsum Putty
* Novtek Concrete Waterproofing



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