LTH8620 2000W Heat Gun


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  • Model: LTH8620
  • Weight (grams): 891g
  • Lenght (inches/millimetre): 10″ x 8.5″
  • BOX/CTN: 1/8
  • Order No. 6009100004844
  • Suitable for use in water Refilling Stations
  • Spherical nozzle avoids accidental blockage during operations
  • Full variable temperature settings and two air flow stages
  • Self-standing design for hands-free use

heat gun is a device used to emit a stream of hot air, usually at temperatures between 100 °C and 550 °C (200-1000 °F), with some hotter models running. A heat gun comprises a source of heat, usually an electrically heated element, but sometimes a gas flame; a mechanism to move the hot air such as an electric fan, unless gas pressure is sufficient; a nozzle to direct the air, which may be a simple tube pointing in one direction, or specially shaped for purposes such as concentrating the heat on a small area or thawing a pipe but not the wall behind; a housing to contain the components and keep the operator safe; a mechanism to switch it on and off such as a trigger; a handle; and a built-in or external stand if the gun is to be used hands-free. Although not called such, a hair dryer is a form of a low-temperature heat gun. Gas powered soldering iron sometimes have interchangeable hot air blower tips to produce a very narrow stream of hot air suitable for working with surface-mount devices and shrinking heat shrink tubing.