LPL822 82MM 750W Electric Planer


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  • Model: LPL822
  • BOX/CTN: 1/4
  • Order No. 6009100004141
  • Works with stick Type Planer Blades
  • Durable ball bearing motor to provide long-lasting performance
  • Alloy steel blades on this planer cut cleanly and precisely
  • Perfect for any carpenter, builder or hobbyist, this planer puts the finishing touches on a variety projects

Expert Quality electric planer Ideal suited for a host of planning tasks like planing doors etc. The soft grip handle ensures user comfort, even when used for prolonged periods. Perfectly designed with the carpenter in mind.

Planing wood along its side grain should result in thin shavings rising above the surface of the wood as the edge of the plane iron is pushed forward, leaving a smooth surface, but sometimes splintering occurs. This is largely a matter of cutting with the grain or against the grain respectively, referring to the side grain of the piece of wood being worked. The grain direction can be determined by looking at the edge or side of the workpiece. Wood fibers can be seen running out to the surface that is being planed. When the fibers meet the work surface it looks like the point of an arrow that indicates the direction. With some very figured and difficult woods, the grain runs in many directions and therefore working against the grain is inevitable. In this case, a very sharp and finely-set blade is required. When planing against the grain, the wood fibers are lifted by the plane iron, resulting in a jagged finish, called tear out.


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