LDP813 1/3HP 13MM Drill Press


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  • Model: LDP813
  • BOX/CTN: 1/1
  • Order No. 6009100001904
  • Threaded depth lock
  • Screwdriver handle
  • Base: 11 5/8in x 7 1/3in
  • This is a 5-speed drill press with a cast iron table base and drill body.

Product Details

This Powerful 1/3HP induction motor provides the right power you need for your workshop. With the 5 stages, the speed drill selector will provide the right Speed and the right torque for your specific application. Good enough for home use.

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A Drill press (also known as a pedestal drill, pillar drill, or bench drill) is a fixed style of drill that may be mounted on a stand or bolted to the floor or workbench. Portable models with a magnetic base grip the steel workpieces they drill. A drill press consists of a base, column (or pillar), table, spindle (or quill), and drill head, usually driven by an induction motor. The head has a set of handles (usually 3) radiating from a central hub that, when turned, move the spindle and chuck vertically, parallel to the axis of the column. The drill press is typically measured in terms of swing. Swing is defined as twice the throat distance, which is the distance from the center of the spindle to the closest edge of the pillar. For example, a 16-inch (410 mm) drill press has an 8-inch (200 mm) throat distance.

A drill press has a number of advantages over a hand-held drill:

  • Less effort is required to apply the drill to the workpiece. The movement of the chuck and spindle is by a lever working on a rack and pinion, which gives the operator considerable mechanical advantage
  • The table allows a vise or clamp to be used to position and restrain the work, making the operation much more secure
  • The angle of the spindle is fixed relative to the table, allowing holes to be drilled accurately and consistently
  • Drill presses are almost always equipped with more powerful motors compared to hand-held drills. This enables larger drill bits to be used and also speeds up drilling with smaller bits.


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