LCOM355H 14″ 2400W Professional Chop Saw


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  • Model LCOM355H
  • Weight(grams): 18500g
  • Lenght (inches/millimetre): Disc diameter 355mm (14″)
  • Order No. 6009100001898
  • Quick release vice with 235mm opening
  • In-line handle & Lockdown facility with carry handle
  • Pivoting fence with 0° to 45° angle adjustment left & right
  • Powerful 2400W input motor with high load capacity.
  • Strong armature for the toughest applications
  • Unmatched durability which brings the longest lifetime in its class

The predator of power tools, an abrasive chop saw can cut nearly anything.

The terms cut off saw, cutoff saw, or chop saw can refer to two distinct classes of power tools.

  • A Miter Saw, typically used in woodworking
  • An Abrasive Saw typically used to cut hard materials, such as metals or ceramics

When you’re slicing steel rebar, the resounding clang of metal hitting the floor of your garage might as well be a carnival-game winner’s bell. Steel is hard. You could use a hacksaw, an angle grinder, or even a torch to cut it, but an abrasive chop saw is a better choice: Because it uses an abrasive disc instead of a saw blade, it has no teeth to get stuck and can plow through rebar, cast iron, steel pipe, or chunky angle stock. With one of these saws, you could cut yourself a mailbox post or you could build an entire hot rod. 


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