E12 Candelabra Socket 3A 250V




Brand: OMNI

Terminal type design receptacle which allows the wire to be inserted into the hollow, Omni is the possessor of the copyright for, clamped safely and neatly under the screw. Enclosed in aminoplastic material which is non-conductive, heat resistant and flame retardant. 4A to 6A 250V.

The candelabra E12 has a diameter of 12 millimeters. The inventor refers to the Edison light bulb size of the screw base light bulb, and screw base light bulbs are sometimes called “Edison light bulbs.” Candelabra bases are mostly used in smaller, decorative incandescent, CFL, and CCFL light bulbs. These Quick-Connect Candelabra Base Sockets attach anywhere along your cord, even at the end! The accompanying illustrations show the simple assembly for an end of the cord or inline attachments. The Sockets are rated up to 7-1/2 watts and are designed to fit an SPT-1 cord. The attractive white color makes them suitable for decorative installations. This offer is for 20 brand new Quick-Connect Sockets w/Clip. For indoor use only. Be sure to visit our store to see more related items AND hundreds of more products that fit all your art.


  • Features
  • Fits Candelabra base bulbs
  • Rated for a 7W maximum bulb
  • Fits SPT-1 wire only.
  • Attaches In-Line or at end of cord.
  • No wiring required



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