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Akari Ultra Thin Plastic Body Wall Mounted Exhaust Fan

The primary purpose of the exhaust fan is to remove the moisture out of the room. The exhaust fans help to control and eliminate bathrooms odors. And they add to the safety of the home and its residents by reducing fumes from cleaning agents that could potentially cause a health-related issue. This exhaust fan provides an adequate ventilation since every kitchen requires a certain airflow. The airflow for exhaust fans for the kitchen is measured in cubic feet per minute or the CFM. In the case of small exhaust fans, the CFM of airflow is in between 30 to 50. In the case of larger exhaust fans, the CFM of airflow can easily reach 200 to 300. The exhaust fan loudness is normally measured in sones. Any exhaust fan that generates 2 sones or less is considered to be quiet and an exhaust fan that generates 4 sones or more is considered loud. So, based on the sones generated, the price is also determined. In other words, the lower the sones, the higher will be the price. So, here are the four (4) available models of Akari wall exhaust fan of your choice.


  1. Make a wooden frame, cut a square mounting hole in the wall to fit the wooden frame, put the frame on the wall.
  2. Fix the fan body into the wooden frame with the mounting screws to tighten the fan body.
  3. Assemble the front panel to the fan body, the panel can be removed by pulling the bottom upwards.
  4. Plug the fan into the power supply.
  5. Conduct a trial operation of the fan and check for vibration and abnormal noise.
  6. Do not install the fan above equipment that produces high temperatures like gas cookers, etc.

Available Model:

  1. AEF 8W – 230V/ 60Hz – 22Watts
  2. AEF 10W – 230V/ 60Hz – 32Watts
  3. AEF 12W – 230V/ 60Hz – 42Watts
  4. AEF 14W – 230V/ 60Hz – 42Watts

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