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AEG is one of the most widely known German brands in the world. This water heater uses a reed switch system. In which activates the heater based on water flow.

Here’s why you should buy this AEG Water Heaters ;

  •  AEG Water Heaters can be used even when there is low water pressure unlike other water heaters in the market.
  • Considering there are 1.5 liters per minute of water flow, this water heater will deliver hot water to the shower.
  • These Water Heaters have a step-less thermostat control knob for precise comfort temperature settings.
  • With AEG Water Heaters, the user can choose and set the control knob to the perfect temperature that she/he might be needed, so getting maximum satisfaction and energy efficiency. Unlike with some other heaters in the market have only 3 settings (low, medium, and high), requiring the user to pick a higher heat setting and mixing more cold water,
  • You can choose from Jumbo, Standard, Soothe, Mix and Massage Spray Settings, because AED water heaters are equipped with multiple spray settings to suit your everyday need.
  • The multi-function shower head of this water heater has also curved design elements with a tinge of millennium grey, making it the excellent match for your bathroom design.
  • These Water Heaters are easy-to-install instant water heaters for residential and commercial use.
  • AEG Water Heaters are manufactured to ISO 9001:2000 standards and have been granted International Protection (IP) splash-proof ratings of IP24, IP25.
  • It is also a TUV certified product, altogether ensuring you of the highest quality, safest water heater on the market today.

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1 review for AEG Water heater

  1. Myrna Mahare

    This product is working good and it boils the water faster.

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